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As this excerpt implies, all who know of or are seeking God’s truth are in need of the truth……in all places!

“A gospel-centered church is always about the gospel. It preaches the gospel in all places, at all times, to all people. The gospel is the defining element in every part of their ministry.

Nonbelievers need to hear the gospel to believe it and be saved.  Believers need to be reminded of the gospel so they can grow deeper in Christ. There really is no distinction, you see, between what believers need to hear and what unbelievers need to hear. Both believers and unbelievers need to get a glimpse of God’s majestic glory, a taste of His surpassing beauty, and a sense of how much grace God has shown toward them in Christ. Both believers and unbelievers need to be rebukes for their pride and self sufficiency, to be reminded of the all surpassing beauty of God. They both need to be stirred up to faith. The gospel is the center of the message no matter who you are talking to. It is everything. Christ is all.”

– J.D. Greear, Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary, page 240


Waking up to thinking about various people I come in contact with daily. Many things happening at Crossroads already this year. As our Leadership Team is now working out the plans God is laying before us, I am asking all of us who attend “WHO ARE YOU”? Who are you in Christ Jesus? Who are you at your place of employment? Who are you when God needs you in service at your church? Who are you when your family has a crisis or a challenge? WHO ARE YOU when life is great and you don’t have a need?

WHO ARE YOU? Is Christ in your answer?