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Always needing approval?

Posted: June 2, 2010 in football, Jesus Christ, worship

 Pete Wilson’s post today….wanted to share with you as it talks about needing human approval even after we except Christ? Thoughts?


It was Martin Luther who insightfully suggested that “religion” is the default mode of the human heart.
I’ve unfortunately found this to be quite true. Unless I tell my heart to deliberately do something different, I often drift toward using religion to reach God.
Tim Keller wrote a brilliant piece on this in The Prodigal God . He said…
“Even after you are converted by the gospel your heart will go back to operating on other principles unless you deliberately, repeatedly set it to gospel-mode.
We habitually and instinctively look to other things besides God and his grace as our justification, hope, significance, and security. We believe the gospel at one level, but at deeper levels we do not. Human approval, professional success, power and influence, family and clan identity-all those things serve as our heart’s “functional trust” rather than what Christ has done, and as a result, we continue to be driven to a great degree by fear, anger, and a lack of self-control.
This is why almost each morning I have to reset my mind. I have to intentionally set my mind on the Gospel and the grace it provides. Losing my religion is tougher than I ever thought.