Great Learners

Posted: May 4, 2010 in leadership, Uncategorized

Florida Pastor Chris Elrod expresses what “great” Leaders do………

Great leaders are also great learners.  As the pastor of a church seeking to further the Kingdom of God I will seek whatever means necessary (blogs, books, conferences, coaching networks, podcasts, magazines, seminars, etc.) to gain more wisdom.  I also seek out others with this mentality to lead at Compass Point.

The main thing I look for in a potential leader is whether they bring energy to the vision. One of the best ways they can bring energy to the vision is by constantly coming to the table with new ideas…and they do that by constantly learning.  When someone is always telling me they don’t have time to check out a blog post, listen to a podcast or read a book…they are passed over for leadership at Compass Point.  They may have good leadership skills when dealing with people, but if they fail to make time to further their education they are a limited leader at best.  At some point the people they are leading will grow past them because of their lack of fresh and developing knowledge.

At Compass Point we are looking for leaders that can run the entire marathon with us…not just sprinting for a few laps.  Those that only want to rely on what they already know and have no ambition to learn new things on a regular basis are folks that are a waste of time to invest in as leaders.  They can make great volunteers and great church attenders…but they will never make great leaders.

As a leader in a relatively new church in a small Kansas community, this broke open the flood gates……reminded me of why I (we) do what we do to reach those who are far from God. Never stop, never stop learning…….what does Chris Elrod’s invoke/excite in you?



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