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Paul’s got game!

Posted: May 20, 2010 in leadership
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Many ideas flow through my mind daily about church leadership. Of course, most days I feel like a Timothy. Then I wonder what it would have been like to have Paul as your mentor?

Paul’s final words were addressed to Timothy, a pastoral candidate. Like many ministerial plebes, Timothy had questioned this strange choice of occupation. After all, his mentor had more scars than friends, more jail time than spare time. And because Paul’s battles were from both sides of the church door, Timothy must have wondered, “How can anyone shepherd unruly sheep and menacing wolves at the same time?”

The apostle didn’t leave his protégé wondering for long. Paul’s exhortation has become his famous last words:

  • Be faithful in your duties. (2im 1.8)
  • Hold on to sound doctrine. (2Tim 1.13)
  • Guard what you say and do. (2Tim 2.22-24)
  • Be willing to suffer persecution for the gospel. (2Tim 3.12)
  • Work hard at preaching the Word. (2Tim 4.1-2)

These were Paul’s non-negotiable pastoral priorities. That’s why he could say, “I’ve fought the good fight, I’ve finished the course, I’ve kept the faith…”

And, as a result, Paul – and countless others like him – heard another set of famous last words: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant… enter into the joy of your master.”

Is that your goal, too?



Among friends

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

This morning, I enjoyed breakfast and a great time of conversation with Pastors from the ECC in central Kansas. Thank you God, for putting Godly leaders around me!

First of all, my heart goes out to all the folks in middle-Tennessee. If you haven’t been listening lately, those in and around Nashville have been devastated with flooding over the last week. We should all be in prayer about what God can and will do with this crisis, as well as what part can we play in their story of clean up….and would glorify Him.

The last two days in south-central Kansas have been stormy wet! The sound of rain, that usually really makes me relaxed, has been replaced by pounding thunder, winds and rain. All of this reminds me of how my daily life can be. It can be sedate and routine, cruising if you will. In those times, I feel God is giving me such peace, beyond my own understanding. These days (and nights) allow me to focus on God in a different way. In a way that is so different than the days of life’s storms. See Mark 4:17

Like most people who call themselves “Christians”, I too rely (more like lean) on God during the loud, wet and troubled days. Sometimes those days consume me and all the thing around me, including my family. But over the last year, the troubled days have been balanced, almost canceled, by God’s peace, grace and unfailing love that I’ve seen in the quiet of the “cruising” days of life.

How do you balance your days of “cruising” verses the “stormy” days?


Great Learners

Posted: May 4, 2010 in leadership, Uncategorized

Florida Pastor Chris Elrod expresses what “great” Leaders do………

Great leaders are also great learners.  As the pastor of a church seeking to further the Kingdom of God I will seek whatever means necessary (blogs, books, conferences, coaching networks, podcasts, magazines, seminars, etc.) to gain more wisdom.  I also seek out others with this mentality to lead at Compass Point.

The main thing I look for in a potential leader is whether they bring energy to the vision. One of the best ways they can bring energy to the vision is by constantly coming to the table with new ideas…and they do that by constantly learning.  When someone is always telling me they don’t have time to check out a blog post, listen to a podcast or read a book…they are passed over for leadership at Compass Point.  They may have good leadership skills when dealing with people, but if they fail to make time to further their education they are a limited leader at best.  At some point the people they are leading will grow past them because of their lack of fresh and developing knowledge.

At Compass Point we are looking for leaders that can run the entire marathon with us…not just sprinting for a few laps.  Those that only want to rely on what they already know and have no ambition to learn new things on a regular basis are folks that are a waste of time to invest in as leaders.  They can make great volunteers and great church attenders…but they will never make great leaders.

As a leader in a relatively new church in a small Kansas community, this broke open the flood gates……reminded me of why I (we) do what we do to reach those who are far from God. Never stop, never stop learning…….what does Chris Elrod’s invoke/excite in you?