Leading essentials for every team

Posted: December 21, 2009 in church, community, leadership

From Shannon O’Dell who is the Lead Pastor of Brand New Church in Arkansas.

I am learning that every church staff or team must possess these four qualities…actually every organization needs these attributes in increasing measure…(it just happens to be so Rick Warrenish with my T.E.A.M. acrostic)

Teachability –
The instant I decide I know it all is the moment I am finished as a leader. Teachability is being a learner and a leader. Using what others pour into your life and pouring it in others lives. Willingness, openness, listener, and meek are just a few of the characteristics of a teachable leader. The moment we stop learning, we stop leading.(Thank you John Maxwell)

Effectiveness –
You are either an ANCHOR or an ENGINE on the ship of your organization. Effect leaders don’t hold others back, but pushing forward with the cylinders of passion, power and pursuit. Anchors have an affect as well. They stymie

vision, growth and futures. Effect

Action –
Churches and organizations need men and women, ready for, and creating momentum. Not motion, but progress, and activity. Action is something that is purposed, and must have a clearly defined goal. Many leaders substitute strategy and systems for action. The action gets lost in the planning. A plan made is only effective when it is in action.

Maturity –
Spiritual, emotional, and relational maturity is a must for any church leader. You better be ready for war if you are going to serve on a church staff and you better have staff that are ready for war. Church work is not fun and games…it is “brutiful” (Ed Young Jr colloquialism).
It’s beautiful and brutal. We need to be spiritually mature, ready to handle to potential on-slot of issues, stories, needs, mentoring and creative wisdom necessary to lead the most important institution on earth…THE LOCAL CHURCH!


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