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What would you be willing to do to see a friend or family member saved?  Every person is someone’s friend or family member.Would you be willing to…

  • give up your style of music in church?
  • come early to church so that the walk-through for the service is done properly?
  • pray all week for Sunday mornings?
  • welcome people who may not look like you?
  • pick someone up on your way to church?
  • give food to someone who is hungry?
  • pack a shoebox for a kid who would otherwise not get Christmas presents?
  • share the gospel with someone?

I dare you to take action this week to make a difference in someone’s life.



easter-cross1Today I’m reminded that one Saturday morning some 2,000 years ago, surely there was a group of mixed-up, hurting, confused, sickly, tired, afraid, and desperate people. They had placed all their hopes in a man who claimed to be the promised Messiah. They were there when their hope was nailed to a cross. They watched their mentor and friend die a cruel death. What would they do now? What was next?

Are you feeling hopeless, afraid, confused, sick, broken or desperate today?

It’s Saturday, but Sunday’s coming!