leading, yes I am (a work in progress)

Posted: March 6, 2009 in church, leadership, volunteers
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Over the course of time (really, everyday), much has been made about leadership. Leadership does many things, some of which goes noticed and some is behind the scenes.  For those who have never lead a major project, planned a new business or built something from scratch…..well, it looks easy from the cheap seats. Over my career in healthcare as both a staff member and in management and in planting churches, much of my own experience has taken notice of some of these attributes about leadership (and NO,  I don’t claim to have many of these, but am prayerfully working on them):

1. Leadership provides the courage to begin – it’s about action.

2. Leadership is about self-control – respond rather than react.

3. Leadership has a keen sense of awareness in what is just – to gain respect of those they lead and work alongside.

4. Leadership is about definiteness of direction – not about meaningless activity for activity’s sake.

5. Leadership is about definiteness of plans – not about guesswork, but knowing what the next best step is.

6. Leadership is in the habit of doing more than your are paid to do – it’s all about going the extra mile (even when you are a volunteer).

7. Leadership is about likeability – nothing can substitute for a smile, a handshake, eye-to-eye contact, and engaging people.

8. Leadership is about empathy – they don’t care because it’s their job, they make it their job to care.

9. Leaders have the willingness to know more than anyone else – they are students, learners, readers, and constantly gaining knowledge about the subject at hand. If they don’t have the knowledge, they find someone who does.

10. Leaders seek and gain cooperation – they understand that you don’t pay people to excel, you pay them to show up. They create an atmosphere of cooperation.

Lastly, a great leader understands and applies the principle of collaboration and alignment, and he/she sets the standards for those who follow them and their teams.

Many people call themselves leaders and yet we are in desperate need of leadership in churches, families, government, businesses…..me on the other hand, am a prayerful work in progress.

Attend a bible teaching worship service this weekend!



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