Whew……..I’m ready for bed. But before I turn in, I thought I would share my day with you!

  • My day started with Sharon waking up to not feeling well…..sore throat and achy (she is still feeling YUCK), pray for her.
  • Had worship stuff  finished, was able to have extended prayer time before leaving for worship.
  • We had 3 new families at Crossroads this morning, and 22 kids in our kids worship environment. Good work Karol and student helpers! God keeps blessing, and we keep loving it every Sunday.
  • So proud of the a couple of new attenders who stepped up to be greeters this morning, with a smile!
  • Our drummer (Bill) was out at the last second, so we went acoustic for worship music, it was a lot of fun…thanks Maurice!
  • Performed 5 songs, 4 were new……..hope we don’t that again.
  • Mark did a great job filling in the ProPresenter worship stuff……nice “glassy eyed” look–Thanks Markus!
  • Craig‘s message (week 2 of “The Vow” series) was amazing, useful and can’t wait for the “Gomer Pyle” look at my house…
  • Got a great series of text messages tonight from one of the visitors from this morning saying how blessed they were to be at Crossroads this morning and they felt they have found a church home and how their kids loved our kids worship…….dang, I love it when God moves hearts like that!
  • Spent time praying this afternoon for current and future leaders at Crossroads, that we would be strong like David and faithful like Paul in all we say and do.
  • Worked out (hard) tonight at the gym….seemed to have had a desire to beat the crap out of the elliptical machine for some reason.
  • Finished a movie with my family…….and man, do I love my family. I am so proud of what God is doing in their lives and in their daily walk. Even though we are soooooo far from even being good (actually extremely broken and humble), I know each day we grow closer to Jesus Christ and being home with our Father in heaven.
  • Finally, I’ve been thinking about all the relationships being built at Crossroads since August 2008. This week is another milestone in the life of our church. LifeGroups started tonight….I got a report from one of the attenders already and she said it was so good, that she couldn’t wait until next Sunday! Two more get started Monday and Tuesday night. Please pray them up!! Thanks to Steve and Mark for working hard over the last two months to get leaders ready.

Ah, yeah. got a different look on the top of my head on Friday. Pretty high and tight (real cold in the wintertime, ya know)!



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