For me, it’s number two

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Acts 2, C3 Students, Crossoads Community Church, family, God
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I am totally in a heart-set in recent days concerning where my time and efforts can afford to go. With so many things being developed these day to keep us distracted, God is clearing my head and especially my heart to be concentrated not on the things of this world, but more and more on what He wants and desires from me. Knowing that He actually desires a relationship with me is almost unbelievable, yet it is so supernatural to jump into.

Over the last four weeks, I have seen the students of our youth group, attenders of our church, friends who are around my family and those who of like heart and mind as myself…………well, there is a lot of change. God is moving something huge at Crossroads these days. He is removing the calamity that most new and old churches deal with more than concentrating on the very idea that they exist for Him reaching those who need Him more than ever. Thank you God for your Spirit moving around us, driving us towards being an Acts 2 church, family, co-worker, student and community. I am humbly blessed.

So, as I shut it down for tonight, it’s important for me to get out of the way of God’s desires and to remember that in all things……I am number two behind God’s number one. It’s only taken me 48 years of life to get fully on board with this revelation. I am humbly blessed.



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