peace for sale?

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Jesus Christ
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As I was listening to some talk radio and making my way towards my home one evening last week, I had an interesting question come to mind…….is Christmas peace for sale? I have since thought in dismay about the commercialism of this season and what it brings to families across the globe. Rather than the “glad tidings” that the traditional Christmas carole talks about, it appears very possible that it’s not peace at all that is being purchased.

I hear a few folks who are more apt to complain about the need for gifts and all of the purchased pleasantries, than to celebrate the birth of the one who can truly “save us” from all that we’ve made it. In the present economy, I doubt that most shopping will come to a standstill during the next 7 days. It’s my prayer, however, that we are able to (make) the time  to truly celebrate as families the amazing event that took place over 2000 years ago. The birth of Jesus Christ, who came to save the world from itself.

It’s all about focus……



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