God has great timing……….like this weekend:

  • Crossroads community team met Saturday (for the first time). Thanks to Bill G. for his leadership. Several folks attended a many ideas were funneled into the beginnings of a plan for 2009. Great job!
  • My family enjoyed a movie/dinner afternoon on Saturday(much needed, been a very busy week)!
  • Today we woke up to a very chilly Sunday morning. But, the Crossroads team was warmed up. This morning, Randy and Norman had the Senior Center setup early for our worship team to have extra time to practice. Thanks gentlemen!
  • Sunday’s worship set was spirit-filled with praise and a couple of Christmas carols. Had a lot of great comments about the sound this morning.
  • Broke open a new message series called “prayer” from LifeChurch.tv. Another amazing installment by Craig Groeschel. Was a great time of reflection, learning and challenge about prayer.
  • God continues to bless Crossroads by allowing us to reach new families in our community through worship and service experiences.
  • Attended the Halstead High School vocal music “vespers” performance Sunday afternoon. Alex did a great job, needs to smile more!!!
  • Crossroads C3 students have planned it’s first “Christmas party” for Wednesday night. Food, snacks, games and fun will be on the schedule for certain.
  • Looking forward to a wonderful Christmas “EVE” eve celebration at the Halstead Senior Center on December 23rd. This opportunity will take place @ 7:00 p.m. and will be Crossroads Christmas Eve celebration. It will include special music (many people sharing in the music) a message and fellowship to follow.

I’ll try to do a better job of updating this blog with the happenings of Crossroads Community Church in the future! Have a great week everyone. Christmas is stinkin’ fun!!



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