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Posted: November 26, 2008 in thanksgiving
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Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good!
His love endures forever.
(Psalm 107:1)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a time set aside to remember what God has done for us and to offer thanks for his generosity and grace. OK, that’s what we are supposed to do between the masses of food, XBox football, Cowboys game and of course the afternoon nap! I thought I would take a brief moment and give you something un-traditional (today) to think and pray about tomorrow and everyday.

Psalm 107 is a resounding call to gratitude. It begins by inviting us to give thanks to God. Why? “For he is good.” And how do we experience this goodness? “His love endures forever.” God never stops loving us. He is always faithful, always on our side, always wanting our best.

The rest of Psalm 107 provides specific examples of God’s goodness. He leads the lost into safety. He feeds the hungry. He sets prisoners free. He heals the sick. He calms the storms. He provides harvests for the farmers. He rescues the poor. Of course, these deeds only begin to account for God’s goodness to us. So much more could be added to the list, most of all: God saves us from our sins through Christ. He welcomes us into relationship with him and his people. He empowers us so that we might serve him in the world.

So, how have you experienced God’s goodness? Why not take some time to reflect upon all that God has done for you, so that you might offer thanks to Him in abundance?




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