Lay it all down

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well Sunday mornings…………………..hhhmmmmmm. What would it take for all of us to:

  • Get up early and setup 125 chairs and an audio/visual system? Then tear it all down when finished?
  • Make coffee for 90 minutes, smile and shake the hand of someone you’ve never met before?
  • Invite people to a Sunday worship experience, knowing that they may meet God there for the very first time?
  • Practice, practice and more practice to lead people in music to glorify and magnify God in worship?
  • Last and definitely not least….meet together on Sunday mornings for a life changing message all the while doing it in the face of doubters and nay-sayers?

That’s what is going on each Sunday morning at Crossroads Community Church in Halstead, Ks. Families are being unified in God’s grace. Freedom and healing from addictions of all kinds are happening because of His forgiveness. Seekers are finding the Son of God himself, seated next to them and offering HIs love and it’s being received for the first time. Students are inviting their friends, for the first time, to a way of God worship that is exciting and relevant to a generation that is fed from culture. All this, because our God IS alive!

We as Christ-followers are called to be different. Called to be leaders of change in our community for Jesus Christ. I am more excited today about what God is getting ready to lead through Crossroads and the churches of Halstead than I have ever been. It’s time to get to work. We’ve only begun. Heaven is the prize.



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