Posted: November 16, 2008 in church, community, family, far from God, God, seekers, worship

This is a post from David Foster. Meant to add it yesterday, but still means something today. Get to church. NOT just any church! Make a difference in you and other’s lives around you.


How to Find a Great Church

How to Find a Great ChurchTomorrow’s Sunday and you need to go to church.  But you need to go to a great church.  So how do you find a great church?  You can look on the Internet, and if you know where you’re looking you can find a bunch of them. You can look through the Yellow Pages, if they still print such a thing.  You can drive around your neighborhood and look for signs.  That’s not a great idea.

The very best way to find a great church is to find someone who’s thrilled about attending the church they’re going to. They believe it’s a great church and they love going.  They’re infected.  It’s like a great restaurant.  When I’ve had a great experience I can’t wait to tell someone.  What’s the very best way to find a great church for tomorrow?  Find someone who’s going to a great church and go with them. If they’re fired up and excited, odds are you might be too.

Stop using the excuse, “We just don’t know which church to go to.”  Talk to your friends, your neighbors, and the people around you and dare to ask them, “Hey, do you attend a church?  Do you attend a church you love going to?”  If they say, “Well, we’re kind of going here and there.  We’re not really sure.”  Then avoid that church at all costs.  But if someone lights up, if they lean forward and smile and say, “Oh man, you gotta go with me.  This church is amazing.”  Then you ought to go.  You ought to go this weekend. Don’t delay.


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