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’tis the season

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Here are some things that I am excited about:

  • We are celebrating communion at Crossroads tomorrow morning (it’s our first as a church family).
  • Our worship team is going to ROCK tomorrow. Christmas music and an incredible communion song.
  • More food at my brother-in-law’s house after worship tomorrow! Ugh!!!! Still stuffed from Thursday.
  • Our first snow of the season fell today. Really helps puts me in the Christmas mood.
  • Loving the cold weather, and laugh at  people who “can’t wait for spring”! That’s flippin’ hilarious!
  • The Cowboys are back to winning football games. Way to go Tony Romo!
  • Great college football games today, best time of the season.
  • Our Crossroads community team, meeting for the first time and have incredible service ideas.
  • God, not man, is in control! Can’t explain how that feels.
  • Boomer Sooner, baby!



keep it real today

Posted: November 27, 2008 in family, football, friends, God, thanksgiving
Oh yeah, the Cowboys are up today

Oh yeah, the Cowboys are up today

I hope your Thanksgiving brings you lots of turkey, (Cowboy) football, and family — not necessarily in that order. Mostly, take a break, enjoy the season, and give thanks.  We do live in a great country, we are the most blessed people on earth, and God is good….all the time!  Grace and peace.


Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good!
His love endures forever.
(Psalm 107:1)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, a time set aside to remember what God has done for us and to offer thanks for his generosity and grace. OK, that’s what we are supposed to do between the masses of food, XBox football, Cowboys game and of course the afternoon nap! I thought I would take a brief moment and give you something un-traditional (today) to think and pray about tomorrow and everyday.

Psalm 107 is a resounding call to gratitude. It begins by inviting us to give thanks to God. Why? “For he is good.” And how do we experience this goodness? “His love endures forever.” God never stops loving us. He is always faithful, always on our side, always wanting our best.

The rest of Psalm 107 provides specific examples of God’s goodness. He leads the lost into safety. He feeds the hungry. He sets prisoners free. He heals the sick. He calms the storms. He provides harvests for the farmers. He rescues the poor. Of course, these deeds only begin to account for God’s goodness to us. So much more could be added to the list, most of all: God saves us from our sins through Christ. He welcomes us into relationship with him and his people. He empowers us so that we might serve him in the world.

So, how have you experienced God’s goodness? Why not take some time to reflect upon all that God has done for you, so that you might offer thanks to Him in abundance?



fill in the blank

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Fill in the blank.  Life is too short…__________.  What’s it too short for?

Today, this is why I think life is too short:

Life is too short to expend excessive time and energy on apathetic people.   There are lots of people receptive to the Gospel.  Let’s focus first on them.  Those that are callous now may be receptive after God prepares their hearts and circumstances change.  So be steadfast in prayer for all non-Christians.


During this week, I’ve read many things. Lots of bible, work articles and blog posts. As I looked and pondered Perry Noble’s post from this last Monday, I realized how much it was also about me and how I much approach my motives…..Hope spreading this will make you ask the same questions.

Oh, by the way, get your butt in a bible teaching worship experience tomorrow morning!



BAM…busted!  I am so guilty of times in my past where I prayed like crazy, raised my hands in worship, made HUGE promises and so on…but NOT because I was in awe of who He is…but rather I wanted something from Him and falsly assumed that if I did the right things and gave Him enough attention that He would finally break and fulfill my selfish desires.

BUT…God knows my heart!  He knows my mind!  He knows my motives…and He will not be tricked or deceived by empty worship.

One of the things I’ve been continually praying over the past year or so is for Jesus to continually make my motives pure…and if there is ANYTHING in me that is not of Him…to help me see it and get it out of my life.  It’s not the easiest process to go through…but it’s been incredibly liberating!

At the end of the day I am praying that I will not want what I think Jesus can give me…but simply just want Jesus!  It’s a battle…and I think there will always be a struggle to try and manipulate Him…but it simply cannot be done.

So…how about you…are you pursuing Jesus…OR are you just after what you believe He can give you?  Just something to think about today!  I wish I were an expert on this…but I am struggling just like most of you are.  However, in His grace, mercy and patience He is blowing my mind as I work through this…I hope you will work through this as well!

Lay it all down

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Well Sunday mornings…………………..hhhmmmmmm. What would it take for all of us to:

  • Get up early and setup 125 chairs and an audio/visual system? Then tear it all down when finished?
  • Make coffee for 90 minutes, smile and shake the hand of someone you’ve never met before?
  • Invite people to a Sunday worship experience, knowing that they may meet God there for the very first time?
  • Practice, practice and more practice to lead people in music to glorify and magnify God in worship?
  • Last and definitely not least….meet together on Sunday mornings for a life changing message all the while doing it in the face of doubters and nay-sayers?

That’s what is going on each Sunday morning at Crossroads Community Church in Halstead, Ks. Families are being unified in God’s grace. Freedom and healing from addictions of all kinds are happening because of His forgiveness. Seekers are finding the Son of God himself, seated next to them and offering HIs love and it’s being received for the first time. Students are inviting their friends, for the first time, to a way of God worship that is exciting and relevant to a generation that is fed from culture. All this, because our God IS alive!

We as Christ-followers are called to be different. Called to be leaders of change in our community for Jesus Christ. I am more excited today about what God is getting ready to lead through Crossroads and the churches of Halstead than I have ever been. It’s time to get to work. We’ve only begun. Heaven is the prize.


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This is a post from David Foster. Meant to add it yesterday, but still means something today. Get to church. NOT just any church! Make a difference in you and other’s lives around you.


How to Find a Great Church

How to Find a Great ChurchTomorrow’s Sunday and you need to go to church.  But you need to go to a great church.  So how do you find a great church?  You can look on the Internet, and if you know where you’re looking you can find a bunch of them. You can look through the Yellow Pages, if they still print such a thing.  You can drive around your neighborhood and look for signs.  That’s not a great idea.

The very best way to find a great church is to find someone who’s thrilled about attending the church they’re going to. They believe it’s a great church and they love going.  They’re infected.  It’s like a great restaurant.  When I’ve had a great experience I can’t wait to tell someone.  What’s the very best way to find a great church for tomorrow?  Find someone who’s going to a great church and go with them. If they’re fired up and excited, odds are you might be too.

Stop using the excuse, “We just don’t know which church to go to.”  Talk to your friends, your neighbors, and the people around you and dare to ask them, “Hey, do you attend a church?  Do you attend a church you love going to?”  If they say, “Well, we’re kind of going here and there.  We’re not really sure.”  Then avoid that church at all costs.  But if someone lights up, if they lean forward and smile and say, “Oh man, you gotta go with me.  This church is amazing.”  Then you ought to go.  You ought to go this weekend. Don’t delay.