so what is this biblical community?

Posted: October 20, 2008 in biblical community, God, Jesus Christ, seekers

The results of ordinary everyday followers of Jesus taking adventurous steps of faith (outside their box) in a ground floor (it’s very beginning) environment to help grow/change spiritual and physical transformation in the lives of people they may have never met or have no idea where their heart was before meeting them. 

If you are a “Christ-follower” and attend a church where “the truth” (from God’s word) is spoke, I challenge you. I challenge you to work with other Christ-followers in your community. For those who think that building the biggest MEGA church in the area is where it’s at (and it could be for you), I dare you to take the walls down of your efforts and work with the other churches in your community. If the churches in your city are spiritually dead, be part of their AWAKENING and build biblical community with them. 

I am a little tired of the “we are dominating the world” attitude in churches. God is calling us to reach people where they are (churched or unchurched). Attitudes can separate us, even in the church. 

So, what is biblical community to you? How do you and the church you attend do biblical community? I hope you will comment? My comments will be here too…I am excited about the efforts that God is putting before us in bringing His church together. 



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