mega is still correct

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Acts 2, community, Crossoads Community Church, Halstead, worship

As I look toward tomorrow’s very first outreach event for Halstead’s Crossroads Community Church, “party in the park”, I wanted to share what God has been “narrowing my focus” with over the last two months. I’ll explain….

Those who serve God in churches in smaller communities are often tempted to think “small,” focusing on obstacles instead of possibilities, limits rather than potential. God has been leading me in a paradigm shift. Rather than thinking in terms of size or resources, or even becoming a “mega church,” I am becoming totally focused about how Crossroads will have a “mega-impact” in our community. Focusing on what our church can do–right where it is–to change the spiritual landscape of the neighborhoods we live in.

So, as we meet together this weekend I am asking all who attend Crossroads to consider this question: What can Crossroads Community Church do today to touch the lives of the people who live in our community? I look forward to your ideas……………….

See you this weekend!



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