do you know what is your “it”?

Posted: September 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
Caig Groeschel

Caig Groeschel

Ok, I don’t like to beat the drum of many books……..since I usually don’t read many books cover to cover (my ADD kicks in!), but this book is a must read. It’s by Craig Groeschel, the talented Lead Pastor from in Oklahoma. I just received my copy this last Monday and I am almost done with this amazing read. Definitely recommend this book to anyone leading a church at any phase of their ministry and no matter whether their church has been around for 100 years or 1 year. IF you are part of a church leadership team, board or council, you need to go for it! It’s helped me focus on the basic parts of what the “it” is in what we do with Jesus Christ on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…………..Sunday, Monday……well, you get the picture. I am looking forward to sharing copies of this book with the rest of our leadership team at Crossroads! This is all that we have been praying over and discussing over the last 6 weeks. Hope you will take my word and make this your next cover to cover!



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