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Posted: September 9, 2008 in biblical community, discipleship, family, friends, God, Halstead, seekers

There’s a lot “church blogging’  going on in these exciting times of God’s church moving in a revolutionary way. I read this for the first time just today. It’s from Craig Groeschel at………this is the essence of why I and many others “do church” every Sunday morning and any other time we can in our community. It’s about God and people, nothing fancy. This is plain, simple and SCRIPTURAL. No gimmicks, no spin. Deep and wide. Thanks God, for clarity and truth.


10 Reasons to Invite People to Follow Christ Every Week At Church

  1. Someone may be at church only once.
  2. The Holy Spirit may have been working on them for months or years.
  3. Even some churched people don’t understand the gospel.
  4. Many trust in the church for salvation instead of trusting Christ.
  5. Seeing others saved gives believers another reason to worship and motivation to witness.
  6. New Christians can “light a church on fire.”
  7. Angels in heaven get to party when one person meets Christ.
  8. Hell is a real place.
  9. You care deeply about people.
  10. Families, workplaces, neighborhoods, cities, and generations could be different when one person meets Christ.

by Craig Groeschel

  1. twacker says:

    Howdy Tom. Great post. I sure missed not being there Sunday! As I sit here at 11pm starting my night of being awake on my night off to keep my body clock on schedule, I reflect on the fellowship we’ve had as a new church family. We are sure blessed! I just wanted everyone to know I missed them. for those that only visit church once, I hope when they visit ours that they say….It Rocks!

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