she’s the real deal

Posted: August 23, 2008 in friends, RiverPoint
Wranglin' Rose Kim
Wranglin’ Rose KIm

Tonight, I had the opportunity to visit the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon near Benton, Ks. I am a big fan of cowboy music. Now, I knew going there tonight that there would be one person performing that our family new. That was the unbelievable and extremely talented Kim Coslett. Up until this last March, we sang together on Sunday mornings at RiverPoint Church. I always felt like I was singing next to an angel, but tonight she showed that she is a gifted singer-song writer, musician and just plain good ol’ girl! We also were able to enjoy the company of her husband Kurt too. If you have not been to the Praire Rose Chuckwagon in Kansas, you need to attend. It’s great down-home entertainment. Kim, thanks for the great Patsy Cline renditions and I am looking forward to singing with you again on Sundays starting in September. May God be glorified through your singing and your great witness. Keep it up girl!


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