it begins on the inside

Posted: August 13, 2008 in God listening, missionary

Missionary-minded people all seem to have in common the art of listening, hearing and obeying the voice of God. Becoming a man or woman of effortless witness requires a keen ear. It’s a holy mindset of sorts. It’s waking up in the morning with an overwhelming sense of calling on your life to be a witness of Christ’s love and redemption. It’s hearing God’s voice, but it doesn’t conclude with simply hearing–a missionary responds actively to the voice of God.

Hearing God isn’t brain surgery, and there really isn’t a special art to it. Too many of us have been trained by the Church to think otherwise. God is not in the business of playing games with us. If He wants us to hear Him, He’ll make the message as loud and as clear as it needs to be. The Bible is full of people who were surprised by the measures God was willing to take in order for His people to hear His voice. Moses saw the burning bush. David got an earful from the prophet Nathan. Balaam’s donkey spoke. The Israelites saw the Red Sea part. The list of biblical examples is endless.

If you’re open to His voice, God will speak to you all day long. Ask Him to, I often wake up in the morning and ask God, “What do You want me to do today? If there’s a conversation You want to have, tell me. I want to follow You, but I need You to make Yourself be known.” God always makes Himself known.

God is calling, are you listening?



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