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Go Big Blue!

Last night, Halstead High School put on the annual “Big Blue Night”. It was a great opportunity to see community friends you haven’t seen over the summer. Grandparents, parents, students and babies, it was an awesome community experience as usual. I got to see Lauren and a lot of her good friends scrimmage in volleyball and Alex doing a little (very little) x-country running. They both contributed to the entertainment portion of the evening by playing in the band (Lauren) and singing (Alex). Funny that either of them are doing anything musically together.

I am excited about this years school activities. Sports, music, debate, forensics and theater are usually my favorites. I’ll try to keep you posted on the exciting details of the year and hope to see you out in the community supporting our students through all the hard work and practice that they go through just to perform! See you soon!





roll on

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Colin Powell and my scooter

Colin Powell and my scooter

In this political season, it seems only fitting that I found a picture of Colin Powell on the very scooter that I am using to get around on my broken right foot (notice he has an injured same leg). Anyway, it’s a great way to get around without using CRUTCHES!!
I am using it at the medical center to get around. It is saving my wrists and armpits from pain. It’s an honor to know that I am sharing the same transportation technology with government leaders. Remember: “speed kills”.

I am sitting in my hotel  room preparing for the day ahead from  Las Vegas. Found a great station to listen to Chuck Swindoll’s message over a cup of coffee, looking out my window viewing the small mountains around Vegas. But, flying here yesterday and seeing out  my airplane window the unbelievable picture of God’s creation like I’ve not seen before. God, you are amazing!


she’s the real deal

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Wranglin' Rose Kim
Wranglin’ Rose KIm

Tonight, I had the opportunity to visit the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon near Benton, Ks. I am a big fan of cowboy music. Now, I knew going there tonight that there would be one person performing that our family new. That was the unbelievable and extremely talented Kim Coslett. Up until this last March, we sang together on Sunday mornings at RiverPoint Church. I always felt like I was singing next to an angel, but tonight she showed that she is a gifted singer-song writer, musician and just plain good ol’ girl! We also were able to enjoy the company of her husband Kurt too. If you have not been to the Praire Rose Chuckwagon in Kansas, you need to attend. It’s great down-home entertainment. Kim, thanks for the great Patsy Cline renditions and I am looking forward to singing with you again on Sundays starting in September. May God be glorified through your singing and your great witness. Keep it up girl!

This is a post from David Foster. Very inspiring!! Thanks David for your honesty.


Why Churches Should Be Glad They Are Volunteer Intensive

Kids volunteersTomorrow morning all around America and the world, hundreds of thousands of churches and literally hundreds of millions of people will gather to worship Jesus Christ in gatherings called churches. And while they are all very different and unique, they all share one thing in common. All these churches depend on volunteers to function.

The church is a volunteer-intensive organization, more so maybe than any other organization in the world. And yet it’s grown and flourished for that very reason. Remember this saying, “There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer set on fire with the passion of a noble cause.”

Why is it in America, when our churches grow we automatically go and hire professionals to do what we’ve been depending on volunteers to do? Why is it that we take things out of the hands of people who are motivated by love and passion, who are energetic and enthusiastic, who are overwhelmingly positive and generous, and turn it over to someone who’s been to seminary or sacrifices another career to “come into the ministry” for low pay, long hours, and little appreciation?

Bottom line: you better be glad that your church is volunteer-intensive. You also better have a philosophy of volunteerism, how you’re going to take care of volunteers, what you’re going to do for them and with them once they step up to the plate.

Volunteers need to be honored and respected for who they are and what they bring to the table. The church wouldn’t exist without them: both men and women who give of their heart and soul to advance the Kingdom of God.

Let me ask you this question. Do the volunteers in your organization – church, social, civic, or otherwise – feel valued and respected? Do they walk away receiving more than they’ve given? Do you value volunteers in your organization? Do you complain and whine when they fail as we all do? Even people who get paid to be good aren’t always trustworthy.

I am absolutely amazed at the number of staff people I’ve hired who are basically lazy, and how many volunteers I’ve seen work a full week investing many hours without pay or thanks, but they do it for God, for good; not for glory.

Yea God for volunteers!


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Yep, it’s true. My FOOT is stinkin’ broken. Well, technically it’s my first metatarsal (long bone that leads to the big toe) on my right foot. Doc says, “you are in a cast for 5 weeks, then a boot for 3 weeks”. All the while, on crutches for 8 weeks. Remember: watch out for falling bathroom sinks, especially when they are made of cast iron. Sure gives me a better appreciation for anyone whose had to use crutches. My achin’ armpits!!!


just when………God

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(many of you have inquired with me and others about new church beginnings, I am asking God when the right time will be to write about it)

I’ve had many good (some great) days over my 47 years of life. For each one, I’m sure there have been equally ones I’d like to forget. Goals not reached, decisions made wrong and time wasted. But………………….

Just when you think you’ve seen enough…………………….GOD reminds you that your best days are ahead. He reminded me this weekend how special my family is to me. Sharon’s love commands my attention and shows by her actions how she cares for those who are honest, near and dear to her. Amanda is my thrill seeker and game breaker, Trevor is finding his way through the jungle with persistance, Corey is the quiet one with a HUGE brain and a knack for the moment, Alex wants to be busy having fun all the way and my sweet Lauren who enjoys everyday for what it is and no more, but sees the best in everyone. BUT MOST OF ALL, my family loves their heavenly Father and I thank Him for always being a step in front of them as they walk through life. Thank you Lord!

Just when I thank HIm for new friends and relationships……………………GOD changes it all up for me and say “its just beginning”, and how we should continue to meet people where they are and build relationships that will last, for His name sake. Sunday reminded that building relatioships, impacting people and serving others by committing our time to them is part of our calling as “Christ-followers”.

 Just when it feels like I’ve seen it all……………………GOD reminds me that each new day brings promise of opportunity for reaching those who have never met Him or who have forgot His saving grace.

i“For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love…”                                           Galatians 5:13 (NLT)

Just when……………………….God steps in and says “I am who I am”, the sovereign (large and in charge) One! The only One worthy of our praises.

Just when we think………………………….we shouldn’t. God is way ahead of us!