etcetera sunday

Posted: May 25, 2008 in Army Trevor, family, friends, job, LIFE Groups, RiverPoint, wife

wweeelllll, here is a little rundown of holiday Sunday……………..

  • Woke up (yep, it’s a fact of life)
  • had Starbuck’s breakfast blend (yep, it’s a daily fact of life)
  • drove to RiverPoint office, loaded the morning’s breads, juice, water and buckets of stuff
  • had a great message, time of worship and song (you rock Hope, still want to sing with you sometime)
  • today was our last Sunday at Bentley, Newton here we come!! (hope everyone comes too!)
  • had a plethora of misc food for lunch (cleaned out some of the refrigerator)
  • I went to work for a few hours, Sharon, Lauren, Alex and Corey went to Hutch to see Sharon’s ill Uncle/then shopping at the mall. (oh yeah, I still have money in my bank account afterward)
  • We all met at the Newton theaters and watched the latest “Narnia” movie, it was good
  • following, went to rent some movies for family day tomorrow, got snacks and food to go with the grilled burger’s we’ll be enjoying at the Garnett’s tomorrow (for LifeGroup friends)
  • then, we came home and vegetated………

Yep, life is good as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously……….


Heard from our son Trevor, now in Indianapolis, who is preparing to go to Kuwait in July. Was really awesome to hear from him live from the Indy 500. He got to walk on the brickyard race track. INCREDIBLE FOR HIM! So proud of you son!! When other guys think about being “the man”, remember that you ARE the real man! I love you son.

Here is a pix of Danika Patrick that Trevor sent live from the track!

Miss Patrick before the crash


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