Let’s play catch up

Posted: May 6, 2008 in family, friends, God, Halstead, Jesus Christ, RiverPoint

Hey, it’s been a while. So, I’m not feelin’ like sleep yet tonight as I am (prepping, literally) to have my every three year “colon scoping”. Yes, TMI for all of you right now. So sorry. We are all friends here in my blog. It’s 11:00 p.m., the thunder is clapping and the rain is falling. Pretty cool  time, really. Very peaceful time. My wonderful wife and kids are “sleepin”. Glad for them. Well, here goes:

-Lauren is done with track season, been elected class treasurer of her freshman class next year and loves her Lord more today than ever. OF course, her 8th grade promotion is coming up in 10 days. She and Alex performed in a worship music drama  last weekend during worship at RiverPoint with a few other students and were INCREDIBLE!!!

-Alex has been busy with track, singing at school, running the video at worship on Sundays and continues to build that relationship wtih Jesus his savior. He was in the lead in the spring play and did a great job!

-Corey is finishing his freshman year at Kansas State University (can’t believe it’s already done). He GPA has been great as usual and he will be life guarding this summer again in Halstead. He and several of his college friends will be part of a LifeGroupstudy about growing and sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.

-Trevor has been home for a few weeks prior to him leaving in April for pre-deployment training with the Army. He is currently at Ft. Riley in Junction City, Ks. He will be home in a couple of weeks for two days and then gone again to an army camp outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. In mid July he will be leaving for Kuwait. Very proud of that young man! So is His Lord!

-Amanda is still living in Wichita, working two jobs and waiting for her man Eric to come home from Iraq. She is doing well and I always enjoy our time together, when we get it. She is pretty busy. Eric will be home in the fall. She will be happier then for sure!!

-Sharon is doing well. She has been down withher lower back pain twice in the last 3 months. She has seen the Dr and had an MRI scan last Friday. She will get the results and plan on Thursday this week. Her work with RiverPoint in the office is going well and her and Pastor/friend Brad are clicking more all of the time. So proud of her! (love her very much too!)

Well, a lot of what goes on in my life outside of working 9 hours a day is my work at RiverPoint and the student’s ministry (a.k.a. FUSION). We have  been averaging around 25 students/week. They are a blessing in my life and we will have a rocking end of the school year. Making our calendar plans for next year and I believe that we will see more students be introduced to Jesus Christ then anytime in my student ministry. I have an awesome team of adults working along side of me. They rock!

Well, that’s a little glimpse of my life this moment. Hang with me, it’s always changing.






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