walk the talk

Posted: March 17, 2008 in biblical community, far from God, Jesus Christ, worship

Was thinking about my “it” today. Yesterday Brad encouraged us during worship to pray and discern what our “it” was when it comes to being a Christ follower. When Christ said”it is finished” it was all about his earthly work. But, His work in us has never ceased.

Today, I am thinking a lot about those who may know their “it”, but don’t live it. We talk a lot about:

*reaching those who are far from God and helping them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ …..but what if we ourselves are far from Him?

*bringing the biblical tithe to God, as in Malichi, and put Him to the test………….but what if we talk but don’t “give it”? Who is that putting to the test?

Let us walk the talk and let others know by our actions how much God is the light that shines through us!

make ´em wonder what you´ve got
make ´em wish that they were not
on the outside looking bored

let it shine before all men
let´em see good works, and then
let ´em glorify the Lord                     -the Newsboys

-thanks to Jesus Christ for walking the talk!



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