papers & nails

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

48 hours of life:

*yesterday my nephew Konner was nails on the basketball court, 30 pts in 2 games.

*yesterday my brother asked me to help him make a decision that effects his future. I love him so much. He is much tougher than I could ever be.

*Attended a fundraiser for someone in a neighboring town who is going through the same situation my brother is. Lot’s of generosity was going on there.

*Enjoyed a couple of movies with my family last night. Good time! Lauren went to a birthday sleepover that included 12 girls her age. She had a blast.

*This morning had a brief temporary lapse of focus. Got over it, but grace is always appreciated.

* Had incredible worship experience this morning at RiverPoint. Had over 170 people and several new families who were lit up by Brad‘s message and the worshipful environment.

*This morning we nailed our unfinished business to a huge 8ft cross using index cards, hammers and nails. I could hardly make it through leading songs during that time.

*Sharon and I took great naps this afternoon. Good for both of us. Love her so much!

*Alex and Lauren spent the afternoon filming RiverPoint kids stuff with Amy & Hope. They had a blast. We are blessed to have strong Christ following adults in their lives.

*Finally, Fusion was a great experience for me tonight. A chance to help effect change in the lives of our local middle and high school students.



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