life is real, but so is heaven

Posted: March 12, 2008 in family, God, Jesus Christ, job

My thoughts toss and turn a lot lately. Yesterday I celebrated one month as the Director of Imaging Services at Newton Medical Center. I love it! Good people, management that wants to see you succeed and believe it or not: I have not heard a four letter word since I started here!!Praise God for that. Our staff is incredibly experienced and just good folks. But, believe you me this is a stinkin’ REAL JOB! A true opportunity to make changes that help others from our local communities with their healthcare.

My awesome family is really busy right now. Sharon is loving her new job as the administrative assistant at RiverPoint Church. She is healing up from her latest bout with low back pain. Lauren with track and dance tryouts. Alex is the lead in the spring play tomorrow night! Rock on son! Corey is coming home next week from KSU during spring break and I miss him big time. Trevor moved home yesterday in preparation for his deployment to Kuwait beginining in April. Hard to believe what an awesome young man he has become. And finally Amanda, who is working two jobs and living in Wichita, with a boyfriend who is in Iraq currently.

Needless to say, I love my family. We all know it, even when we are apart or together. Looks say it. Words say it. Enough said. Even though we are very busy (oh yeah, we are all knee deep in starting a new church) God is still even bigger and better, large and in-charge. Love you Jesus!


  1. Karol Schott says:

    Your family rocks! We love you guys! We can’t thank you enough for inviting us to RPC! You have changed our family’s destiny! THANKS FOR BEING OBEDIENT TO GOD! You are helping change the world one life at a time!!

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