life changes, God does not

Posted: February 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

In this world of blogs full of how to’s, pain and gain, I decided to take a few weeks off from the world of blogging. This has given me a chance for God to pull me thru the eye of a needle to the other side over the last month.

In case you’ve not been told by me, my family or friends, I’ve made a career change AGAIN! I’m incredibly happy to tell you that I have stepped back into the world of “effecting change in the lives of those whose charge I’ve been given”. O.K. it’s a management position. My new employer is Newton Medical Center. It’s less than 10 miles from my garage and man I am loving everyday. My drive is shorter, my work hours are longer, but I truly felt God calling me to this opportunity. Opportunity is a funny thing. Makes one realize where you are and where you may be going.

Although I know that there will be days ahead that will be rocky (we are installing a new 1.5 Tesla MRI, Nuclear Medicine camera, a cath lab from the ground up and rebuilding a decimated Sono staff, WHEW) I wake up everyday with a renewed spirit for others and how once again , God is using me to effect change for His good. Many of my staff are Christ followers (YEA!!!) and are excited about the change being made in our Imaging Department already.

I look forward to understanding this group of people. Make it my job, you know. Get to know them and their families, jobs, kids and what they love about life. Opportunities to effect change for Christ.


Reading a lot lately about Christ in the public school. So glad that my kids have been a part of public schools. A chance to effect change among their peers. Alex and Lauren continue to make a difference in the lives of those around them and their families. Shoot, they make a difference in my life. But, take the Christ followers out of the schools and what do you get? (I’ll leave that for you to answer)

Sharon and I made the decision that our three sons and two daughters would be educated in public schools. Why? Because we understood they would live in the real world. What better way to engage that world from the very beginning, having us standing by their side through the formative years when they realize there are people out there who are very different, and yet they can face those differences with grace and strength? They cannot just tolerate people, but love people. That they can stand firm in their faith and love in Jesus Christ and also love what Jesus loved- the world.

Remember it was Jesus who said that we’re in the world, not of it. It’s the dilemma, the tension of both –and that is the genius of the life change-Christ change life.  DISCLAIMER– no offense to those who home school, it’s not personal.


Sharon and I had lunch today. It was a great time of catching up. We don’t do that enough these days. Life is busy. Too busy. Big homes, big cars, big TV’s, big yards, big kitchens, big bedrooms, big Wal-Marts, big games, big deadlines, big God-work and so on………………I hope that you will take the time as often as possible to quit worrying about being caught all up in someone else’s success or the things that they do that you and whatever your doing DO NOT! Christ is not in that. Never has been and for certain, never will be. He is however wanting us to make more time for Him. He wants and deserves our time. So throw the cars, TV’s, music, books and our inattentive hearts to the side momentarily-daily and soak up the one true God who is worthy of all that we have. Jesus Christ………….enough said

more to come (I promise)


  1. timflask says:

    Good words my Brother In Christ. You inspire greatness my friend!!

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