new year worship rewind

Posted: December 30, 2007 in far from God, RiverPoint, worship

This morning at RPC we remembered 2007 briefly by pictures. Fun to watch them go by and remember how this all got started. THEN! Brad (Lead Pastor Brad Martin) rolled out a song “let’s get it started in here” and then it went to Van Halen’s “jump”! Yes, I said Van Halen’s “jump” during worship this morning. HOLY STINKIN’ COW! During all of this, we bounced beach balls and jumped around celebrating a great 2007 and welcomed 2008 to what God is going to do at RPC! This all happened before we even sang one worship song! Incredible idea Brad! This got me so juiced up, that I couldn’t wait to sing God’s praises (and the songs we sang rocked the house)!

I believe we had over 200 total this morning in all of our worship environments (nursery, kids and adults). Yes, God is in the numbers. Numbers of saved lives who might not have ever known Jesus Christ if someone doesn’t introduce them. He is in the numbers. Brad laid it out for the volunteers at 9:30 and then during the message at 10:30 worship concerning the seriousness of what God is and is about to do through RPC and how we as RiverPointers, attenders and guests need to cross the line in the sand and make a decision to play on God’s team. Instructions to do so included: devote, invite and pray!

What about you? What will you do? I choose to be a part of something bigger than anything we could ever imagine! That’s is: “reaching those who are far from God and helping them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ”! I know I am not alone. Join us at RiverPoint Church next Sunday for the beginning of the Drive message series.

It is sure to set you on a “high octane” course for Jesus Christ!



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