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Posted: December 24, 2007 in family, friends, God, Jesus Christ, Penny, RiverPoint, Sharon, worship

I find it hard sometimes to put my thoughts on this electronic notepad. Some people find it easy to organize their thoughts or experiences on a regular basis. I am not one. But today, I am found in the “Spirit of Christ(mas)”!

As I recall the last two days, it with true wonder that we are put on this planet by a God who desires us more than any other living thing. (By the way, He doesn’t need us). Yesterday, my wife’s family was over for our Christmas Jones celebration. Jones is my wife’s maiden name. Although her brother’s family from Oklahoma was unable to make it, the rest of the clan did. We ate,  played the game Cranium and then opened gifts. It was a stinkin’ riot. It always is with them. My wife and her sis’ Susan are the most hilarious sisters in the world. It’s a hoot to be around them when they are together. Sharon’s (my wife) family is growing as her nieces and nephews are now either dating steady, engaged to be married or married. This family is EXPLODING! Her Dad is so proud of all of them. Wish her Mom, Arlene was here to see it all. She would be enjoying every minute of it.

Alex and SharonAlex and Sharon mugging for the camera!

Today, we got together with my side of the family. We gathered for more soup and snacks at my sister Penny’s home here in H-town. After enjoying a late lunch with the family and opening gifts, we went across the street to the Martin family home and took pictures on the front steps (great sunlight there for pix). Brad showed up just in time to get the big family shot taken. Then we broke into a huge snowball fight that went on forever. That was an amazing time of knocking the snot out of each other!

Wells cousins

The Wells’ cousins!

Tonight however was the total JACK! RiverPoint’s first Christmas eve service took place at the Halstead High School auditorium. Starbuck’s coffee was served to our guest before the worship began, great rockin’ Christmas hymns were sang and then Brad laid on an amazing message about Jesus Christ the “Emmanuel” being born on Christmas day! The most awesome fact of the night is that the worship experience went out to over 240 people in the auditorium!! Kudos to the RPC host and creative teams for making tonight incredible!

Whew! And to all a good night!



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