Incredible words

Posted: December 16, 2007 in friends, God, Jesus Christ, RiverPoint, worship

This morning I experienced worship of our Father in a way I haven’t felt before. It was an emotional time for me leading our worship song set. This season of giving, I have experienced more closely that love that flows from others in my midst. It is a love that is flawless in it’s act and carefree in it’s delivery. So many new friends in Christ and a Pastor/friend whom all are part of this new discovery in my life. Thanks to all of you!

Special note: I am completely blown away by the vocal/instrumental talent of my friend and co-song-leader that I get to  enjoy on Sunday mornings, Kim Coslett. Those of you who have heard her sing over the last  75 days alongside of me know how truly amazing she is. Thanks Kim for giving me the confidence to give God my best in rehearsal and during worship each week (even when I don’t feel great). I truly miss her when she gone on Sundays.

Enjoy the HOLY-DAY season!



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