the care and feeding of Brad Martin

Posted: November 29, 2007 in RiverPoint

 This is a post to all of us out there who are responsible for the care of our lead pastor, Brad Martin; people like team leaders and even those who are active in service at RiverPoint Church.

Here is a wake up call; your pastor is NOT made out of cast-iron. Pastors are people who constantly give with very little regard to their own well-being. Somebody’s got to look out for them or they will give and go until they break. And when they do; you bear a lot of the blame if you aren’t proactive in supporting them.

So here are some ways we can care for and feed our lead pastor. 

1. Pray for Brad. Enough said.

2. Support Brad. Most of all, financially. Take away the “money” worry so he can concentrate on the task at hand. Don’t be stingy. The Scriptures teach that he’s worthy of double honor. 

3. Empower Brad. If you’ve given him the responsibility to lead, give him the power. Because one without the other is insane. If you are going to hold him accountable for results, you must give him the resources to make things happen.

4. Connect with Brad. He’s not too busy. If you’re the kind of person who loves and is committed to him, they’ll be happy to go out to lunch or dinner.

5. Cut off any gossip you hear about Brad at the knees. Don’t let it go anywhere.

6. Don’t let other leaders or attenders get away with complaining about Brad behind his back.

7. Encourage Brad to go to conferences to learn about other ways of doing his work, but most of all have time away to rejuvenate.

8. Make sure Brad’s family can be his first priority. Don’t just assume they are. Make sure, not in a meddling way, but in a loving way. If you create an atmosphere in which neglecting his family is expected, you will all pay the price.

9. Build Brad up. To his face; let him and other people know that his is the man of God and that you’re darn lucky to have him.

10. Honor Brad’s service, his birthday, anniversary, whatever it is. He is a person too and can’t continually go on without a showing of appreciation.

 11. At the first sign of trouble or displeasure, let Brad know early so he can do something about it. Pastors do not need nor do they want “yes men or women” around them.

Well, I’ll stop, but I hope you get the point!! Let’s love all over Brad (& Sally) Marin! Treat him with respect and honor! He deserves it and you will place yourself in the place of blessing; for God loves His church and His pastors. God has given us a good, godly pastor, so lets take care of him! 



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