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Posted: November 1, 2007 in far from God, God, Jesus Christ, LIFE Groups, RiverPoint

Tuesday night at the LIFEGroup I attend, we discussed Jesus the HEALER! We discussed the how’s and why’s of Mark 1 & 2 when Jesus did various healing amongst the Jews to allow them to see that He not only heals the sick, but that he came to be the great Physician to all that seek HIM. Mark 2:17 Jesus says: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Through this we need to understand that Jesus paid special attention to those the religious hypocrites rejected……..He calls us to follow Him to love sinners (those like and unlike us)!

As Brad has been describing the last couple of Sundays as to what RiverPoint Church is all about to the attenders coming since our launch in October, he left no doubt that we are about reaching those who are lost and helping them becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Guess what? That happens to be all of us at sometime during each day, right? WOW!

Listen, here is one of the keys we should be relying on as we reach out to others who don’t know Jesus Christ.  We can believe a set of facts about Jesus (that he’s the Son of God, for instance) and still live however we like. Jesus is asking us to believe he has the right, the wisdom, and the love to tell us how to live. This isn’t just information that will get us into heaven. Say what? This is a new way of life that will get heaven into us…………NOW!!!

Let’s make sure that we are accountable to the one only ONE who can save us from HELL and meet us face to face in a place called HEAVEN, now and when we are done on this planet. Let’s see that others meet HIM now!



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