time out! (just kidding)

Posted: October 18, 2007 in biblical community, family, Halstead, Jesus Christ, launch, LIFE Groups, RiverPoint

Whew,  that is all I can say about the last six incredible months. What started as a feeling, then turned into a vision and finally on this Sunday, October 21 an will begin an AWAKENING!!

Almost three years ago I felt God burning me up on the inside to do something that scared the crap out of me. Leave the church I was attending for the past nine years, where my family had grown close to many people and built great in-reaching relationships, and to just shut up and listen to HIS voice in the quiet. (I did not know what quiet means at the time). It took many months to do just that. Take time out and be quiet. Listen…….

Listen.God has lead many people to RiverPoint Church over the last six incredible months. Our Lead Pastor, Brad Martin, has been going “to the mat” with us since he arrived in May. We still have all of the original families that joined this awesome ride since this summer’s fun began. From the “street party” to the “first time guest’s lunch”, these people have been faithful to the work that God has laid in front of us.

I am so in awe of our RiverPoint family. We have worked so hard. Listen.We have only just begun. On this Sunday, October 21, we begin a new chapter at RiverPoint Church. It’s is a another first as we meet at the  Halstead High School for adult AND kids worship in separate venues. Wow, that is going to be HUGE!! The kids are going to rock the house with their own brand of worship,  message and LIFEGroup time, all while the adults and students are praising and learning more about biblical community and having a relationship with JESUS CHRIST, in the auditorium. 

So, when you come on Sunday, October 21, or any Sunday worship, LIFEGroup activity during the week, student FUSION gathering and anything else that will be coming in the future at RiverPoint Church, just know that if you will just listen, God can and will make it happen. He wants us to be still and listen.

See you Sunday morning!



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