Posted: October 11, 2007 in biblical community, Dragons, family, LIFE Groups, RiverPoint

Whew! What a last few days.

  • RPC Plant Advisory Team meeting Monday nite. Quite eventful and very fruitful.
  • LIFEGroup that I am leading met on Tuesday nite and we had a great time of intros, ice breaker and prayer. I am so pumped about this group’s future!
  • TONITE, Alex ran his x-country 5K race at a  personal best of 19:59. We set a goal for him to break that 20 minute mark at the beginning of the season. He did it TONITE!!! He rocks
  • TONITE, Lauren played her last 8th grade volleyball game of her young career this evening at Hillsboro. She is and is going to be an even more incredible volleyball player in the future. Go Sis!
  • TONITE, Corey gave blood for the first time at Kansas State. He said that he got “light headed” after they took the needle out of his arm. Ouch! He is fine and I am proud of him for doing it.
  • Tomorrow, RPC is picking up trash after the varsity football game at Hess Field. It’s all about biblical community!
  • Saturday……………………well, I”ll just say it’s non stop.

See everyone Sunday!!



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