LIFE Group launching and ear popping

Posted: October 9, 2007 in biblical community, Halstead, Jesus Christ, launch, LIFE Groups, RiverPoint, women

Well, it’s happening. Launching is a lot of prayer, time and energy. But guess what? IT WORKS!! Our Monday and Tuesday night LIFE Group’s are off and running. Sally Martin is leading the Monday nite women’s LIFE Group and she said it was a great time. The LIFE Group I am leading began tonite and we were already sharing, caring and praying like we’d been meeting for weeks. God rocks! Thank you Father for leading the way with your Holy Spirit. Can’t wait to hear from Steve and Tim after their groups meet later this week.

O.K. I’ve been to some loud Boston and REO Speedwagon concerts in my younger days. But wait until you hear the power of our new technology on October 21 at the Halstead High School. No, I’m not talking about loud noise. I am talking about get on your feet, raisin’ your hands and praise clear and crisp Jesus praisin’ music from RiverPoint Church during our first official worship experience in 11 days! I’ve heard the testing going on at the RPC office downtown (so sorry for the Halstead City employees across the street) while our tech team gets it all marked, labeled, fined tuned and tested for our practice at the High School next Wednesday. Whew, my heart is pounding and my ears are popping!

Thanks to Jesus Christ, my savior and redeemer, for bringing Brad and Sally Martin to Harvey County, Ks to be a part of this thing we call the church (RiverPoint Church). I am so blown away by Brad’s leadership and Sally’s calm personality. You are truly a breath of God’s fresh air! Keep it up!


  1. hopeflask says:

    Love your comment buddy, but why is there an I love Vodka picture on your blog? 🙂

  2. Sid Davis says:

    Cool man!

    Hey this means I am not the only one whose ears pop when I think of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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