shakes, chili dogs and other tasties..

Posted: October 2, 2007 in biblical community, Dave, family, friends, Jesus Christ, launch, RiverPoint

There are a few differences between shakes and chili dogs. Shakes can be routine and boring. But chili dogs, WOW! This is one of God’s greatest combinations. I bring this to you because my brother Dave (who is battling with cancer) is back to eating small bits of food, rather than taking all of his nutrition through his feeding tube hanging outside his abdomen by shake. He said that after smelling the chili his family was enjoying tonight for dinner, he was going to try it on a hot dog in small bites. Wallah! It was stinkin great to eat for him. Praise God! He is able to eat again. Wasn’t sure how all this was going to go for him, but it is nothing short of pure bliss.

What a great last 5 days in my life. Watching my kids in volleyball and x-country. Corey coming home from K-State for the weekend. Hanging out with new friends all weekend. (Thanks Hope, Tim, Amy and Gary for a great time Friday and Saturday)! You are blessings to our family.

RiverPoint continues to see new people come to worship with us on Sunday mornings. Looking forward to this weekend where Brad‘s messages will be recorded for mp3 replay till Christ returns. Played some fun frisbee football with over 25 students at Fusion on Sunday evening. Thanks parents for trusting us with your students. Still learning about how to have a prayer life on Sunday nights with the students. Great job Brad.

Need to add Brad to the people I know right now with low back pain (my wife Sharon is another). Please pray for the pain to go away from them.

To all of you who do not have a church family that is not reaching you. IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST NOW! Please do not delay. Go to a church that is preaching the word, reaching the lost (maybe like you) and bringing those far from God and bringing to feet of Jesus Christ. You, your family,  friends and co-workers deserve an opportunity for the same. Remember: Friends don’t let others in their life go to hell. Tell them the truth. Get the picture. I’m sure you could, if you haven’t yet.


Really looking forward to God launching RiverPoint Church on October 21. So proud of the work that the RPC launch team is doing and how huge of an AWAKENING this is going to be! Making Jesus Christ famous!


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