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sore throats

Posted: October 31, 2007 in birthdays, friends, RiverPoint, Sharon, wife

Yep, it’s true. Sore throats are a pain in the neck! My wife and youngest son have been battling strep throat for the last 5 days. Incredible stuff. Hangs on. Wanted to let all of you know how much we appreciated the cards and flowers that Sharon received yesterday for her birthday. Our RiverPoint family is awesome. Missed her at our LIFEGroup fellowship last evening. Amazing how much I miss her when we aren’t together at our usual times…………….She is the breeze I sail on!!!


The Rock is out in a new movie called The Game Plan. It’s been cut all to shreds by the critics: the storyline is too old, it’s hokey, been done too much, it’s blah, blah, blah, blah. But interestingly enough, when it came out, the movie-goers loved it and are going to see it in droves and voting with their pocketbooks.There’s a lesson to be learned from this for those of us in leadership, particularly in leadership of the church. You don’t build churches for critics. You don’t create services, programs, strategies, and marketing ideas for those around the table on Monday morning in staff meeting; even for the elders, the deacons, or the initiated.

You do what you do for those who are far from God. And if you’re not careful, you end up creating a little walled-in world that you and your small band of friends love, but no one else wants to go see or is willing to pay for.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, if we’ll learn it.

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RiverPoint Church officially let it loose on Sunday, October 21 at 10:30 a.m.

  • At 8:00 a.m., over 30 people showed up to setup the Halstead High School into a house of worship experiences for adults and children.
  • Breakfast burritos were served for those who showed up to do the setup work. Thanks Dave & Jill!
  • Lead Pastor Brad Martin showed up with a 102 degree temp! God removed the temperature before the morning activities began. God Rocks!
  • Around 10:00 a.m., guests began to arrive for coffee, snacks and huge opportunities for our RPC team to meet and greet them.
  • 10:30 a.m. brought awesome worship music, a huge message from God thru Brad and then a time of fellowship following.

Here is the kicker! Over 260 regular and guest attenders showed up on our first official public worship experience. If you have no feel for this, let me fill you in.


What does this mean to me?

An answer to a burning desire placed on the hearts of a few of us by a Heavenly Father who cares for and loves us more than we will ever know. He has a huge heart for those (lost) who do not have a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. Through these first 260 adults and children, Jesus Christ will be made famous by what they will experience in worship, LIFEGroups and student environments at RiverPoint. This will lead to them telling others about Jesus Christ and how HIS message of leading, healing, serving and finally saving is more relevant today then it has ever been in HIStory! He is changing us, will you be changed too?

Join us…….as we humbly come……..


Whew,  that is all I can say about the last six incredible months. What started as a feeling, then turned into a vision and finally on this Sunday, October 21 an will begin an AWAKENING!!

Almost three years ago I felt God burning me up on the inside to do something that scared the crap out of me. Leave the church I was attending for the past nine years, where my family had grown close to many people and built great in-reaching relationships, and to just shut up and listen to HIS voice in the quiet. (I did not know what quiet means at the time). It took many months to do just that. Take time out and be quiet. Listen…….

Listen.God has lead many people to RiverPoint Church over the last six incredible months. Our Lead Pastor, Brad Martin, has been going “to the mat” with us since he arrived in May. We still have all of the original families that joined this awesome ride since this summer’s fun began. From the “street party” to the “first time guest’s lunch”, these people have been faithful to the work that God has laid in front of us.

I am so in awe of our RiverPoint family. We have worked so hard. Listen.We have only just begun. On this Sunday, October 21, we begin a new chapter at RiverPoint Church. It’s is a another first as we meet at the  Halstead High School for adult AND kids worship in separate venues. Wow, that is going to be HUGE!! The kids are going to rock the house with their own brand of worship,  message and LIFEGroup time, all while the adults and students are praising and learning more about biblical community and having a relationship with JESUS CHRIST, in the auditorium. 

So, when you come on Sunday, October 21, or any Sunday worship, LIFEGroup activity during the week, student FUSION gathering and anything else that will be coming in the future at RiverPoint Church, just know that if you will just listen, God can and will make it happen. He wants us to be still and listen.

See you Sunday morning!


Whew! What a last few days.

  • RPC Plant Advisory Team meeting Monday nite. Quite eventful and very fruitful.
  • LIFEGroup that I am leading met on Tuesday nite and we had a great time of intros, ice breaker and prayer. I am so pumped about this group’s future!
  • TONITE, Alex ran his x-country 5K race at a  personal best of 19:59. We set a goal for him to break that 20 minute mark at the beginning of the season. He did it TONITE!!! He rocks
  • TONITE, Lauren played her last 8th grade volleyball game of her young career this evening at Hillsboro. She is and is going to be an even more incredible volleyball player in the future. Go Sis!
  • TONITE, Corey gave blood for the first time at Kansas State. He said that he got “light headed” after they took the needle out of his arm. Ouch! He is fine and I am proud of him for doing it.
  • Tomorrow, RPC is picking up trash after the varsity football game at Hess Field. It’s all about biblical community!
  • Saturday……………………well, I”ll just say it’s non stop.

See everyone Sunday!!


Well, it’s happening. Launching is a lot of prayer, time and energy. But guess what? IT WORKS!! Our Monday and Tuesday night LIFE Group’s are off and running. Sally Martin is leading the Monday nite women’s LIFE Group and she said it was a great time. The LIFE Group I am leading began tonite and we were already sharing, caring and praying like we’d been meeting for weeks. God rocks! Thank you Father for leading the way with your Holy Spirit. Can’t wait to hear from Steve and Tim after their groups meet later this week.

O.K. I’ve been to some loud Boston and REO Speedwagon concerts in my younger days. But wait until you hear the power of our new technology on October 21 at the Halstead High School. No, I’m not talking about loud noise. I am talking about get on your feet, raisin’ your hands and praise clear and crisp Jesus praisin’ music from RiverPoint Church during our first official worship experience in 11 days! I’ve heard the testing going on at the RPC office downtown (so sorry for the Halstead City employees across the street) while our tech team gets it all marked, labeled, fined tuned and tested for our practice at the High School next Wednesday. Whew, my heart is pounding and my ears are popping!

Thanks to Jesus Christ, my savior and redeemer, for bringing Brad and Sally Martin to Harvey County, Ks to be a part of this thing we call the church (RiverPoint Church). I am so blown away by Brad’s leadership and Sally’s calm personality. You are truly a breath of God’s fresh air! Keep it up!


it’s just her way

Posted: October 6, 2007 in Dave, Dragons, family, friends, Penny

Getting up early to watch my daughter Lauren play volleyball in her league tournament at Hillsboro. Go Dragons! She is the consummate snack packer for these events. Her and her friends bring more food than anyone could eat in a day. I think volleyball is secondary to the food eaten. Anyway, she has always known how to have fun either by herself or with others. I like that about her.

Later today we will be watching K-State defeat K.U. with my brother and sister’s families. I’m looking forward to seeing all my nieces and nephews. Should be a great day! Go Cats!