the fuse is lit!

Posted: September 26, 2007 in God, Halstead, launch, RiverPoint

sssssssssssssssssss!bang!…this is how my evening went tonite. I was meeting with the RiverPoint Leadership Team when Brad (lead pastor) dropped a big-ole bomb on us! God’s new church in Halstead, Ks is moving it’s launch date up by 2 1/2 months to October 21! Yeah baby!

This has made my week. It confirms what God has been doing all along. We had planned to have a preview service in October, November and December then launching January 8th. But after some wise counsel and Brad continuing to trust God and be bold in it, we are jumping off the steeple on October 21.

Like they say at the race track………………..BE THERE!!!!!!! We will be looking forward to seeing you!!! (oh by the way, don’t plan on just filling a seat, we are saving those for the lost and far from God) please tell everyone…………………join this train reaching those who ARE LOST AND FAR FROM GOD…….we need lots of help from other Jesus freaks to make this happen……talk to you next time…..can’t wait or sleep or eat…….too excited about tonite’s news………….lots of work to do……..



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