stay the course

Posted: September 25, 2007 in family, friends, God, job, RiverPoint

The last couple of days of left me feeling that “life is preparation for heaven”! Do you  know the feeling? I mean, surely heaven will not have pain, insecurity, worry, impatience and even tiredness, right? Come on. Since Sunday I have felt this pressure to figure out things about my daily life that are important to me. I am not going to share what has been going on. But I know that you can relate.

This of course has brought me to my knees at night and quiet times in the mornings right to God our Father who wants to hear us, but already knows what is on our hearts and minds. As I look at the rest of my week of family events, work with RiverPoint and work during the day. I am reminded that my heavenly Father, Daddy, Pops and King wants to guard my heart and cares about my everyday.

I hope you can find that time to be with our King too! Heaven is not that far away, you know!



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