weekend and a whole lot more

Posted: September 23, 2007 in Dave, family, friends, Jesus Christ, RiverPoint, wife

This weekend has been filled with many interesting opportunities.

*My family enjoyed seeing my brother Dave coaching my nephew Konner at Valley Center early Saturday morning. Although Dave has lost over 60 lbs during and following his radiation and chemo therapies, he is getting stronger daily. It was good to see the ole’ HEAD COACH on the sidelines once again.

*Our home continues to be an open door to the guests, attenders and members of RiverPoint Church. We will always be overjoyed for people to just pop in to catch up on whatever, whenever. God is good, all the time!

*Worship this morning was awesome. Our kids environment was rocking (thanks Carrie!). Brad finished the last of our series on the book of Jonah! I had no idea that it was totally about the God of second chances. But today we learned that when we point a finger at someone (whether it’s about the way they dress, look, talk, sin, sin again, sin again and again) there are three fingers we should take note of that are pointing right back at us. We are doing the same thing. Thank God for giving this message to us thru Brad.

*Had a great lunch time with my sister Penny, Mike and Zach. Thanks you guys for the fellowship. My brother-in-law Mike is a great law enforcement officer.

*I got a great Sunday afternoon nap! Thank you Sharon, Alex and Lauren for allowing that to be a great one!

*Our student group “Fusion” meeting was awesome tonite with about 26 attending. Our fun activity involved whipped cream from a can and Cheetos! We continue to learn from Brad about how to have a prayer life. It was dead on! Our students rock! Thanks Brad and Sharon!

*I am being reminded tonight, that friends don’t let friends go through life without having fun and fellowship. The last several Sunday evenings we have spent time with Mark and Karol Schott when they bring their students and others for “Fusion”. We have a meal and time of fellowship later after the students meet. They have become one of the biggest blessings in our lives and at RiverPoint Church for us. We love you guys!

Well, as you can see: LIFE DOES NOT STOP, EVEN WHEN WE WANT IT TO SLOW DOWN! Praise God for that! Praise God for the opportunities He has given us to reach others for that are far from Him and help them to have a relationship with his Son Jesus Christ!



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