strong tower

Posted: September 20, 2007 in family, Halstead, RiverPoint, wife

It seems I’ve been incredibly busy these last few days. No doubt you have too. However, as I dream over what God has been doing in my life this week, it reminds how He is my “strong tower” of strength. This week has been like this:

*great “Jonah” message from Brad on Sunday morning, awesome fellowship with the Martin’s and other lunch guests and exciting “Fusion” student fellowship that evening

*awesome conversation with some of our future LIFE Group leaders on Monday and Wednseday night

*watching Alex in his second ever varsity 5k race on Tuesday afternoon in some totally unbearable conditions (heat, mud, tall grass and a very sore hip) you rock son!

*driving 220+miles round-trip to watch Lauren play her usual consistent volleyball against Hoisington Thursday afternoon. Your form is still the best!

*I was also able to see my oldest son Trevor while in Hoisington. We took him out for dinner, saw his new apartment and had some good conversation. What a blessing he is.

AND FINALLY! 16 years ago tomorrow, Sharon and I were married. I am so blessed to have her by my side (sometimes ahead of me) for all these years. God has shown his sovereignty throughout this time and especially in the last 3 years. I know he is using us to help others and we are loving it. I love you Sharon Ann! Happy Anniversary and thanks for being my other “strong tower”.



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