what is dominating your day?

Posted: September 11, 2007 in biblical community, Halstead, Jesus Christ

As I continue to pray dialy for the points that Brad has been giving us on our RiverPoint Project blog, I have been wondering: WHAT IT IS THAT IS DOMINATING YOUR DAY? No really!! Are you stuck in the yuck? or dancing in the glitter of all that makes Jesus Christ famous?

  • when the news tries to dominate your day, let the good news dominate your day

  • when the past tries to dominate your day, let your dreams dominate your day

  • when fear tries do dominate your day, let the right action dominate your day

  • when procrastination tries to dominate your day, let small steps dominate your day

  • when your mind tries to dominate your day, let The Spirit dominate your day

  • when confusion tries to dominate your day, let God’s Word dominate your day, and

  • when loneliness tries to dominate your day, let prayer dominate your day….

Here is the deal. One of the many reasons that we have a hard time with staying true to Jesus Christ is that we are trying to do it alone. When that happens, all of the above begins to dominate our day. When we are fortunate enough to have God put people in our paths, biblical community can begin (if we will allow it)!

The Harvey county and surrounding areas deserve to be connected with Jesus Christ in a relevant way that makes sense to them so that they want Him to dominate their life too! Come on. Pray about it! Invite a friend to worship this Sunday. One out of four people you ask will be there. If you are around Harvey county, RiverPoint Church is a great place to start! Remember, “we were created to be connected.” God didn’t create any solo acts. Excited about what God is doing in the life RiverPoint Church? ..whispering…….(he is only just getting started…….)



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