crazy zany tuesday

Posted: September 4, 2007 in Jesus Christ, job

It’s always amazing to me the chemistry of a day after a holiday! In my daytime job, emotions run pretty high most of the time. Mostly because we are dealing with life or death situations daily. (Yes, I work in HEALTHCARE). As I left work this evening around 6:30 p.m. we had a wave of incredible confusion that lead to a huge misunderstanding and hurt feelings. Sorry girls, but just calling like I see it.

 This is a perfect example of all of our daily lives. Words and actions getting in the way of our true meanings. For you it may be letting someone in on your feelings about Big 12 football. For others, it may be about your kids in school or your adult children dealing with life’s hard knocks or maybe even your parents growing old with health concerns. Whatever it is, our job is also a microcausism of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Much like if you chose to have a friendship with a co-worker, then they let you down.

 The difference between the co-worker and our relationship with Jesus Christ is that Jesus will not let you down. He may allow us to go through things to bring us to a destination. Ugghh!! But unlike the co-worker/friend, Christ will be our friend and life director that we ALL can count on!   Whew! Must of needed to say something about work today, eh?



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