the next best thing

Posted: September 2, 2007 in Acts 2, biblical community, family, RiverPoint

This morning’s worship at the Halstead Middle School was awesome as usual. It continues to be a great ride that never ends at RiverPoint. I am enjoying the fact that we are reaching people who don’t look like CHURCH people. We all come with our “brand of tattoos” so to speak. Some of us come with visible tattoos that we’ve had put on by influenced artists. Others of us have soul tattoos that have also been put on by soul artists. They are painted on us by our surroundings and influences that are around us all the time. These soul tattoos are often expressed outwardly by words, actions and general attitude. I see us at RPC greeting each other whenever we are together during the week or on Sunday mornings. No, a lot of us don’t look like CHURCH……

 The most incredible thing is that I don’t hear people saying that being at RPC is “like the next best thing” that I’ve been a part of. We give all the credit to Jesus Christ. He is the reason we do what we do. He has called us to know Him and make Him known. That is what the bible tells us to do. That is why we are doing what Christ calls us to do in Acts 2……till next time



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