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Posted: September 2, 2007 in biblical community

Slap in the Face

Here is a post from a Lead Pastor’s blog that I read occasionally. I think that it describes the scene in a lot of communities in our area. Christians need to be seen AND heard AND seen AND heard. Making real relationships, serving the community, getting to know others and leading them to a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Not the building, it’s programs or capital budget. Just me thinking out loud again.


One of the guys in our church owns a hair place and recounted this story to our small groups pastor. Apparently, a lady from a local church came in and was a little upset about our church. She asked our guy why our church was a slap in the face to other churches like hers.

Apparently, this slap in the face was the fact that we didn’t have a choir and we let people come in jeans and shorts. After all, those are the ways that you “do church.” So by lowering the standard, we’re slapping people in the face. She also went on to say that she didn’t think it as right that we had to borrow money from other churches because we don’t take offerings. (What?!)

Sadly, I DO think Oak Leaf Church is a slap in the face to some other churches. I think there are pastors leading churches who want to get out there and reach people, but the power brokers won’t let them. I think there are a lot of churches busy taking care of the members (like a country club or 24-hour gym) that aren’t out there risking anything to reach people. Lord knows, we aren’t perfect. We’ve still got lots of work to do. But I hope our church always remains a slap in the face of these kind of churches. While we’re at it, let’s go for a punch in the gut or a karate-chop to the neck.

Whenever we show up at community events, I’m always amazed that more churches aren’t there. People tell us all the time, “you guys are everywhere.” Sadly, what they mean is “most churches are no where.” Other churches – I hope you don’t get mad at us because we’re doing things differently. I hope you don’t spread silly rumors.  I hope you’ve got better things to do.  Start slapping people in the face.


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