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Woa Nellie!! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better in the Big 12. K-State went out and put a old fashioned bull ridin’ whippin’ on the the Texas Longhorns, 41-21! How do you like us now, ESPN, FoxSports and CBS Sportsline. So much for odds makers.

Man, I love college football.



the fuse is lit!

Posted: September 26, 2007 in God, Halstead, launch, RiverPoint

sssssssssssssssssss!bang!…this is how my evening went tonite. I was meeting with the RiverPoint Leadership Team when Brad (lead pastor) dropped a big-ole bomb on us! God’s new church in Halstead, Ks is moving it’s launch date up by 2 1/2 months to October 21! Yeah baby!

This has made my week. It confirms what God has been doing all along. We had planned to have a preview service in October, November and December then launching January 8th. But after some wise counsel and Brad continuing to trust God and be bold in it, we are jumping off the steeple on October 21.

Like they say at the race track………………..BE THERE!!!!!!! We will be looking forward to seeing you!!! (oh by the way, don’t plan on just filling a seat, we are saving those for the lost and far from God) please tell everyone…………………join this train reaching those who ARE LOST AND FAR FROM GOD…….we need lots of help from other Jesus freaks to make this happen……talk to you next time…..can’t wait or sleep or eat…….too excited about tonite’s news………….lots of work to do……..


stay the course

Posted: September 25, 2007 in family, friends, God, job, RiverPoint

The last couple of days of left me feeling that “life is preparation for heaven”! Do you  know the feeling? I mean, surely heaven will not have pain, insecurity, worry, impatience and even tiredness, right? Come on. Since Sunday I have felt this pressure to figure out things about my daily life that are important to me. I am not going to share what has been going on. But I know that you can relate.

This of course has brought me to my knees at night and quiet times in the mornings right to God our Father who wants to hear us, but already knows what is on our hearts and minds. As I look at the rest of my week of family events, work with RiverPoint and work during the day. I am reminded that my heavenly Father, Daddy, Pops and King wants to guard my heart and cares about my everyday.

I hope you can find that time to be with our King too! Heaven is not that far away, you know!


This weekend has been filled with many interesting opportunities.

*My family enjoyed seeing my brother Dave coaching my nephew Konner at Valley Center early Saturday morning. Although Dave has lost over 60 lbs during and following his radiation and chemo therapies, he is getting stronger daily. It was good to see the ole’ HEAD COACH on the sidelines once again.

*Our home continues to be an open door to the guests, attenders and members of RiverPoint Church. We will always be overjoyed for people to just pop in to catch up on whatever, whenever. God is good, all the time!

*Worship this morning was awesome. Our kids environment was rocking (thanks Carrie!). Brad finished the last of our series on the book of Jonah! I had no idea that it was totally about the God of second chances. But today we learned that when we point a finger at someone (whether it’s about the way they dress, look, talk, sin, sin again, sin again and again) there are three fingers we should take note of that are pointing right back at us. We are doing the same thing. Thank God for giving this message to us thru Brad.

*Had a great lunch time with my sister Penny, Mike and Zach. Thanks you guys for the fellowship. My brother-in-law Mike is a great law enforcement officer.

*I got a great Sunday afternoon nap! Thank you Sharon, Alex and Lauren for allowing that to be a great one!

*Our student group “Fusion” meeting was awesome tonite with about 26 attending. Our fun activity involved whipped cream from a can and Cheetos! We continue to learn from Brad about how to have a prayer life. It was dead on! Our students rock! Thanks Brad and Sharon!

*I am being reminded tonight, that friends don’t let friends go through life without having fun and fellowship. The last several Sunday evenings we have spent time with Mark and Karol Schott when they bring their students and others for “Fusion”. We have a meal and time of fellowship later after the students meet. They have become one of the biggest blessings in our lives and at RiverPoint Church for us. We love you guys!

Well, as you can see: LIFE DOES NOT STOP, EVEN WHEN WE WANT IT TO SLOW DOWN! Praise God for that! Praise God for the opportunities He has given us to reach others for that are far from Him and help them to have a relationship with his Son Jesus Christ!


strong tower

Posted: September 20, 2007 in family, Halstead, RiverPoint, wife

It seems I’ve been incredibly busy these last few days. No doubt you have too. However, as I dream over what God has been doing in my life this week, it reminds how He is my “strong tower” of strength. This week has been like this:

*great “Jonah” message from Brad on Sunday morning, awesome fellowship with the Martin’s and other lunch guests and exciting “Fusion” student fellowship that evening

*awesome conversation with some of our future LIFE Group leaders on Monday and Wednseday night

*watching Alex in his second ever varsity 5k race on Tuesday afternoon in some totally unbearable conditions (heat, mud, tall grass and a very sore hip) you rock son!

*driving 220+miles round-trip to watch Lauren play her usual consistent volleyball against Hoisington Thursday afternoon. Your form is still the best!

*I was also able to see my oldest son Trevor while in Hoisington. We took him out for dinner, saw his new apartment and had some good conversation. What a blessing he is.

AND FINALLY! 16 years ago tomorrow, Sharon and I were married. I am so blessed to have her by my side (sometimes ahead of me) for all these years. God has shown his sovereignty throughout this time and especially in the last 3 years. I know he is using us to help others and we are loving it. I love you Sharon Ann! Happy Anniversary and thanks for being my other “strong tower”.


have i forgotten?

Posted: September 19, 2007 in Uncategorized

Some of you may think I’ve forgotten to blog lately. I haven’t. It’s on my mind everyday. It’s fun to express my thoughts here. Just not tonight. I’ll catch you up tomorrow!


freakin’ incredible awakening

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

O.K., I read this blog piece this morning. It has me thinking about THE AWAKENING that we talked about at launch group on Wedesday at the high school. Read this rip. It is everything that God lead the first four of us to step out of our comfortable everyday Sunday world and find the people who are far from God!!  Get out of your comfort zone and meet people where they are, not where your comfort zone is!! ENJOY!!


We’ve been thinking about how to find God’s heart for lost people, so I thought I’d tell you about a time when I lost it, and what led me to find it again.

When I first started following Jesus all I could think about was people who weren’t following Him. I ached for them and wanted them to discover what I had. I spent all my time with lost people and led a bunch of them to God. Then I started interacting with Christians. One told me it wasn’t cool for me to listen to secular music. I was brand new, had no idea, and so I listened to him … and stopped listening to secular music. Someone else told me to not watch R rated movies, so I stopped. Soon I transferred to Seminary and found myself surrounded by Christians. After Seminary I worked at a church in Louisville, then another outside Washington D.C. and in both I was almost exclusively with Christians. And what happened during this time is that my heart stopped pounding for those who were far from God.

Then it happened. It was about 1:00 in the morning. My wife was sleeping in the passenger seat next to me. We were moving to Virginia Beach to start a new church. I was listening to the radio … to a secular station (clearly a violation of my parole agreement). A song came on that I had never heard, “Mr. Jones” by the Counting Crows. The singer, Adam Duritz, sang, “Please help me to believe in something. Because I don’t believe in anything. And I want to be someone who believes … who believes … who believes …”

And I started thinking about this guy who wants to believe in something, but can’t. Who has no faith, no hope, no real love. And he’s writing songs begging for someone to talk to him and to give him something to believe in. Suddenly I started to feel ill. For several years I had been closing my eyes to people like Adam Duritz. I wouldn’t even listen to their music because it might have a bad influence on me; but what influence did it have on me to stop listening to it?

I had been learning about Jesus’ mission and teaching others about it, but not engaging in it myself. The Jesus life is about being and sharing the good news with others. That was Jesus’ mission for my life, but I had been ignoring it.

I was going to be sick. I was seriously about to throw up. I was driving 65 miles per hour down the highway and had no idea what to do. I rolled down my window and tried to project appropriately. That was when I learned that puke does not have much wind resistance. My vomit started to go out the window, thought better of it, reversed its course, and came right back at me. It flew right past my face, and all over my sleeping wife. She woke up and screamed, “What’s happening to me?!?

It was a horrible moment. But it was also a great moment. Because I realized my wife wasn’t really the one asleep. I was. I had been sleep-walking through my Christian life the past four years. That vomit was meant for me. It was a holy wake-up call from God. And I made a commitment right then that I would never lose the rhythm of God’s heart beat again.

So here’s the principle I’ve learned: We find God’s heart for lost people by being around lost people, and we lose it when we’re not. So here’s the question I continually have to ask myself: What can I do to get myself around lost people? Because if I’m going to improve at reaching lost people, I need to understand and have God’s heart for them.

Talk more tomorrow, until then … let’s be careful out there.

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