riverpoint men

Posted: August 9, 2007 in family, Halstead, men, RiverPoint, women

It’s been a while, but I’m back. When Christ is about His business, business is always GREAT! Brad (lead pastor at our own RiverPoint Church) and I have been noticing the number of men who have been just “showing up” at RPC events. Last night, we were working on the float trailer that will be in the Halstead “Old Settler’s” parade on Saturday morning, and we both noticed how much testosterone that was around helping with the project. Now, not that I don’t appreciate Godly women helping out. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! But, I am more excited this day about the men at RPC and their families who are so proud of them and their love for seeing Christ’s church moving forward to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Reaching the lost. Loving their wife and kids. Just flat going for it. That excites me and completely blows me up! This weekend is going to be a stinking blast in Halstead. Worshiping outdoors at the community worship lead by RPC at the Riverside Park, tossing out 800 frisbees Saturday morning with our logo on them inviting people at the parade to join us in worship Sunday morning.

Yep, life living for Christ has never been better. Reach the lost. Show them you care. More importantly, they matter to God!


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